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« Cry Baby« , sometimes stylized as « Crybaby« , is the debut studio album by Melanie Martinez. It was released on August 14th 2015 by Atlantic Records through digital download, CD, cassette and vinyl. The album debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart, placing a spot at #6 with 40,000 total copies sold in its first week. It also topped the Billboard Alternative albums chart by dominating at #1. The album was also certified Platinum on February 24th, 2017, by RIAA.[1]

Melanie’s tour, called the Cry Baby Tour, is focused on the album, and began soon after Cry Baby was released. Before this, there were three intimate concerts debuting stripped-down versions of some of the album’s songs.


There are 13 tracks on the CD with 3 additional for the deluxe version. More than 40 songs were intended for Cry Baby, but more than half of them did not make it into the album. It was said that the songs on the album tell a story in chronological order. This was confirmed on Melanie’s Instagram.

In a interview with Theknockturnal, Melanie revealed that would love to have included more songs on the album, but eventually cut them because « I can’t put 30 songs on the album » she said.[4]

Two songs from the Dollhouse EPDollhouse and Carousel, were confirmed to be on the album by Jose Martinez, Melanie’s father. However, Dead to Me and Bittersweet Tragedy would not appear on the album.

Soap was released on July 10th, and Sippy Cup was released on July 31st.

There is both an explicit version of the album and a clean version.

  • « * » = a song that has both explicit and clean versions.
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length  
1. « Cry Baby« * Melanie Martinez, Jeremy Dussolliet, Tim Sommers Kinetics & One Love 3:59
2. « Dollhouse«  Martinez, Dussolliet, Sommers Kinetics & One Love 3:51
3. « Sippy Cup« * Martinez, Dussolliet, Sommers Kinetics & One Love 3:15
4. « Carousel«  Martinez, Dussolliet, Sommers Kinetics & One Love 3:50
5. « Alphabet Boy« * Martinez, Dussolliet, Sommers Kinetics & One Love 4:13
6. « Soap«  Martinez, Emily WarrenKyle Shearer Shearer, Daniel Weber 3:29
7. « Training Wheels« * Martinez, Scott Hoffman Babydaddy 3:25
8. « Pity Party«  Martinez, CJ BaranKara DioGuardi Baran 3:24
9. « Tag, You’re It«  Martinez, Scott Harris, Rick Markowitz SmarterChild, Michael Miller 3:09
10. « Milk and Cookies« * Martinez, Dussolliet, Markowitz SmarterChild, Michael Keenan 3:26
11. « Pacify Her«  Martinez, Chloe Angelides, Keenan Keenan 3:40
12. « Mrs. Potato Head«  Martinez, Dussolliet, Sommers Kinetics & One Love 3:37
13. « Mad Hatter«  Martinez, Dussolliet, Bryan FryzelAaron Kleinstub Frequency, Aalias 3:21